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 The Gulf Coast BigFoot Research Organization  is leading the
search in the quest for answers to the greatest mystery of all,  Bigfoot!
Our quest initially began in the Southern United States, which had been either
ignored or completely overlooked by most Bigfoot researchers for years.
Until the GCBRO came along most emphasis was put solely on the Pacific Northwestern
Bigfoot, leaving the Southern Bigfoot to do as they wish, and go virtually undetected for years.
Yes, there have been reports of the Southern Bigfoot emerge from some research groups,
but not much effort has been put into the belief or investigation of these sightings.
We changed all of that and are now investigating areas of high activity levels, and have
made some startling discoveries pertaining to the habits of these creatures.
We are grateful for all  the input we have received thus far from other Southern Bigfoot
researchers.  Their observations, and input has helped us in finding new
evidences of these creatures existence, and shed new light on old theories.
GCBRO  proud to be from & born in the USA
Let us continue to function as a whole, and not fall prey to the negativity that abounds
in this field of research.
 BigFoot, Sasquatch, or any of the other names for which it is known, is
no stranger to the South.  For years we have all heard stories and tales from
family and friends alike, such as "The Wild Man, Ape Man, Monkey Man,
Swamp Monster", etc., that had been seen back on somebody's property, etc., or
how "Ol' Jim ran into that Wild man down on the river the other night."  These tales
are plentiful here in the South. Most of the stories and encounters go unreported.
There seems to be a tendency to just accept these creatures
as something that is there, and left at that.
The most famous of the Southern BigFoot Creatures is the "Fouke Monster",
aka "Boggy Creek Monster".  This creature has been reported around
Fouke, Arkansas.  A small town in the Southwest corner of Arkansas, just a short
distance from Louisiana and Texas state lines.  It is best known from the movie
created around it's existence, "The Legend of Boggy Creek".
Another famous Southern BigFoot is "The Honey Island Swamp Monster"
which has been reported to have been seen in the Southeast swamp
areas of Louisiana.   Near the town of Covington Louisiana, just above New Orleans.
These Bigfoot, Creature stories made their way into the public eye, but there
are countless others that do not.  Hopefully this site will change some of that.
If you have seen or encountered one of these creatures, please click on   the appropriate
link to submit a report.  If you want to view our database of sightings, photos, or sketches,
then feel free to do so.  Please note that although this site is placing its main emphasis
on the Southern BigFoot Creatures, we also accept reports and sightings from all over
the United States.
REMEMBER, your report could be the one to help fill in some missing blanks that
would help find the answers to the questions surrounding this elusive, magnificent creature.
We appreciate any and all help in our endeavor. Enjoy your visit to our web site and please
come back again, real soon.
 All information (reports, sketches, and pictures) contained within are the sole
property of the Gulf Coast BigFoot Research Organization (G.C.B.R.O.)AND
the submitting party. No information may be reproduced, in part or in whole,
without the express written consent of the G.C.B.R.O. OR the original submitting party.
Copyrighted 1998-2014