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Here you will find our most recently posted reports.  These are not ALL of the reports
that we have at the GCBRO.  Please visit our Sightings Database  for Many more
reports.  Our policy is that we will leave approximately 3 months of postings on the
Recent Reports Page for all the late comers, as well as place them in our sightings
database.  Of course the most recently received ones will be listed on top of the list,
and follow down towards the bottom until they get to the oldest.  After the 3 month
period they will be removed from the recent page all together, and placed into the
Sightings Database. and in the Recent Reports Archives  which is a new feature
that we have added to the bottom of this page.  There you can view all the past
Recent Reports that are no longer listed on this page.  But don't forget about the
Sightings Database where you can view the reports by State and County.
  The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization
Would Like To Send Our Prayers And
Support To The Men and Women Who Are Bravely
Serving in the United States Armed Forces.

2017 Reports

These Reports Were Posted on 01/01/2017

Georgia Bigfoot
Tattnall County Report

Louisiana Bigfoot
Assumption Parish

Louisiana Bigfoot
Rapides Parish Report

Louisiana Bigfoot
Webster Parish Report

Massachusetts Bigfoot
Plymouth County Report

Mississippi Bigfoot
Hinds County Report

Mississippi Bigfoot
Prentiss County Report

North Carolina Bigfoot
Cabarrus County Report

North Carolina Bigfoot
Randolph County Report

South Carolina Bigfoot
Anderson County Report

Texas Bigfoot
Newton County Report

Please NOTE we have made a few changes to the
Recent Reports page.  To view the Archives of past
Recent Reports,  click on the link listed below.
Recent Report Archives
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To view the Recent Reports Archives Click On The Above Link:
  Also NOTE that these same reports can also be found in
the Sightings Database. That link can be found atop and below on this page,
where the reports are listed by their State and County, for easy access.
To view the Sightings Database, click on the link listed below.

GCBRO Sightings Database
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 All information (reports, sketches, and pictures) contained within are the sole property of the
Gulf Coast BigFoot Research Organization (G.C.B.R.O.AND  the submitting party. No
information may be reproduced, in part or in whole, without the express written consent of the
G.C.B.R.O.  OR  the original submitting party.