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DATE:Summer 1997

TIME:  Not Given

LOCATION:Barron County, North of Rice Lake Wisconsin off Hwy. 53

TERRAIN:   Hwy, tall grass on side of embankment

OBSERVED:I'm finally a believer. I saw what has been typically depicted as a Bigfoot while a passenger in a car on Hwy 53, North of Rice Lake WI.

Something caught my eye and I looked back over my shoulder to see what everyone describes as a Bigfoot, quickly walking up a hill of the embankment where there was tall grass.

This happened last summer, and I didn't report it to anyone other than the driver of the car and friends at home. We heard of other reports of sighting's in that area since then.

Activities of Witness:

Description of Creature:

Report taken and Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Bobby Hamilton

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