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DATE:         1946

TIME:        Evening

LOCATION:   Oklahoma, Jefferson County

TERRAIN:     Wooded

OBSERVED: This report is from the Police files of this area.  It was told to me by an older ex Police Officer, who served before my time there.  Anyway here's the story.

A man from out of town had came to visit his girlfriend.  She was married so they were having to sneak around to see each other.  They went down a country road and parked and got out of the vehicle and was in the edge of the woods in the process of attempting to make love.  They were startled by loud screams and crashing through the woods.  The Italian term for this is "Coitus Interruptus", in other words they were rudely interrupted while in their throws of heated passion.
They jumped up leaving their clothes behind.  The woman was on her menstrual cycle and I figure this is what drove the creature to act as it did????

Anyway, they ran and jumped in the car and drove down the road, not in any big hurry as they felt safe, now in their vehicle.  They came to the stop sign a quarter of a mile down the road and stopped.

The creature was there also and crashed through the passenger window and reached across the woman and grabbed the man by his throat.  The woman went hysterical but managed to stomp her foot on the gas to get out of there.  The creature ripped the throat out of the man killing him.  The woman had enough composure to get to her families house who took her to the hospital and called the Police to investigate.  She never fully recovered, and died less than a month later from the trauma she endured from the incident.

Hair samples were gathered from the vehicle and should still be in the evidence room at the Police Department.   The incident was ruled an "Unknown Homicide" and the books was closed on it.

Activities of Witness:  Parking, out of the vehicle making love!

Description of Creature:  MoMo, or Muddy Creek Monster from that area.

Report taken and Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Mary Green

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