Dean Harrison is leading the search in Australia for the elusive Yowie.  He has found many
evidences of these creatures existence, and has brought to light some of these creatures habits.
The Yowie has been one of Australia's greatest mysteries for a very long time.  The Gulf Coast
Bigfoot Research Organization is glad to have Dean aboard.  He is the lead field researcher of the
G.C.B.R.O.'s Australian Division.  He spends nights in areas where there have been numerous
reports of strange sounds, and large hairy beast seen roaming the bush land of Australia.
Dean will show us some of the feeding habits of these animals. he will show us footprints, and
strange things that have been found deep in the bush.  Many of these animals habits are similar
to the North American Bigfoot.  We are in hopes of discovering why these animals have many
of the same traits. With Dean's help, I am sure these reasons will be found.

Below the Australian Yowie Reports Sightings Database link are some photographs of some
of the new finds, and investigated reports that Dean and his team at the AHR (Australian
Hominid Research) have managed to get on his amazing quest to find the Australian Yowie!


Here is one of Dean's campsites.  This photo was taken around Midnight.  A Yowie was heard thumping it's feet, and running around the area.   The animal that made this sound thumps it's feet on the ground to let the intruder know that it is in the area.  In this case the intruder was Dean. ©

Dean has found many trees that have been broken over, or stacked in peculiar positions against other trees.  This is a trait that the North American Bigfoot, and the Yowie have in common.  We believe that these are markers for other Yowie to see.  We are not sure if they are territorial markers, or just trail markers.  This is another one of those questions we have to find the answer for. ©

Here are trees that have been found that have been chewed in
order to get to the center of the tree.

Here is a tree that has been chewed into.  Dean has furnished several other photos that have the same things done to them. ©
Here is a tree where the one of the branches has been stripped clean of the bark.  North American Bigfoot do this also. We have found that the slimy backside of the tree bark has been peeled off and eaten. ©

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