Here you will find footprint photos of the Yowie.  Reports of the Yowie are being brought to the attention of the G.C.B.R.O. with the help of Dean Harrison.   Along with the footprint photos you will find other photos of trees that have been bitten by this animal in order to remove withchey grubs from the interior of the tree.   You can clearly see the fang marks made by the creatures teeth.  All images and details found within these pages are copyrighted by the G.C.B.R.O. and the submitting party. ©

Here is the left footprint track in the series of two tracks found in the sandy soil of the area.


"The stride was a big leap for me, but as you can see there are no stressmarks in the sand, meaning that it was an easy step for this guy. Notice the scuff marks where the toes are and the impressions of the heal and instep."©


Here is a series of two footprint tracks found in an area where there have been numerous reports of the Yowie animals. 

Notice that the prints are almost in alignment with one another.

There are many simalarities between the Yowie, and Bigfoot, but the footprints that are left behind by the Yowie are quite different than it's American cousins'. ©


Here is a photo of the area where the Yowie had approached Dean Harrison, and then proceeded to chase him from. 
The animal was making terrible sounds while it persued Dean.  Dean had made it to a light, and the animal stopped just before reaching the light. ©

This is a tree which has been chewed on, in order to remove whitchey grubs. This is a front view of the tree.  After enhancing the photo there was a hair found wedged in some of the slivers of wood.  The photo of the hair can be seen below this one.©

This is an enlarged image of the marks that are on the tree.  ©


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