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DATE:     11/15/96

TIME:      Midnight

LOCATION:   West Virginia, On the Lewis County and  Harrison County line
                 on a remote country road.
                About 5 miles from I-79.

TERRAIN:     Wooded
OBSERVED:  This may or may not be a Bigfoot story it just depends on how you want to take it. I am a firm believer in Bigfoot so that might explain why I believe it was a bigfoot, but my friends who always laughed at my believing in bigfoot both agree that what we heard isn't a normal animal. All three of us a born and raised country boys and have spent all of our lives in or around the woods. And what we heard on that night not a one of us had ever heard before or since. It was late on night and being a small town that we are from we just were driving around trying to find anything to get into, and I will be honest we had a few drinks but we are not prone to jump to conclusions. We had stopped on this old dirt road and were talking and taking care of some personal matter (Peeing), when out of nowhere something jumped off of the bank and landed in the road about 20-25ft behind us. Now us being from the country it didn't really even get our attention, we are used to deer, dogs and so on, what did get our attention was the next few sounds we heard. The sounds started out like a low deer grunt only much more exaggerated and drawn out with out taking a breath this animal screamed like a crazy woman (I would say the whole sound lasted 30-45 seconds) and that and the fact that the sounds were getting closer were enough for us all to cut it off and get the heck out of there at a speed much faster than was safe. Now I am not sure what we heard I just hope that someone can one day prove that Bigfoot is real. And hopefully someone else from West Virginia has seen heard or found tracks, that way I can prove that me and my friends are not completely crazy.

Activities of Witness:  For a better part of the night we had just been driving around.

Description of Creature:

Other Notes:  No, But I would like any information about Bigfoot sightings in West Virginia that you could send my via E-Mail.

Other Other Notes:

Report taken and Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Bobby Hamilton

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