Here is our list of Bigfoot links.  We have not listed ALL of
  the Bigfoot links that are available on the net.  Some of our
  links will take you to web sites that have lists of nearly all the
  other Bigfoot  links available on the web.  So, rather than put ALL
the same old links on here, we decided to list only a few.
Monster Hunters Photo Page
Colorado Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Research Project
South Texas Bigfoot Research Group
San Antonio Bigfoot Research Group
Steve's Wildlife and Game Camera Page
This is Bigfoot Country
Kiamichi Bigfoot Research
Smokey & The Fouke Monster.
Too Close To The Mirror
Australian Yowie  Research
Bigfoot Sounds (The Bigfoot Recordings)
Sasquatch Watch
The Florida Skunk Ape Web Site
Smokey And The Fouke Monster!
Our good friend Smokey Crabtree has his own web site.  Check it out and order his book, if you want to
know the REAL story and behind the scenes look at the TRUE story of  "The Legend of Boggy Creek"
Tell him that his friends from the GCBRO over in Texas sent ya!
First of all we want to thank the witnesses that take the time and submit to us their reports.
Personal thanks to these folks for their friendships, support and assistance with our hard work.
The folks at the AHR - Australian Hominid Research Org. (Dean, Phil, Ash, Warren), and Everybody
else that has stood beside us through all the turmoil, politics and BS that plagues the Bigfoot field.
PLUS every TRUE member of the GCBRO team.  Not any of the snakes, or cheats from the past.
And last but not least all the individuals who would rather not have their names mentioned publically.
Oh and one last BIG thanks to the bfro bunch.  If it wasn't for you people, we
would not have taken the initiative to go forth, and build this web site!  ?:>)